Established in 1943, YAMAKAWA JOZO has been producing "Tamari" soy sauce, which is a specialty in Tokai region. It is made with carefully selected soybeans, wheat, and salt. With clear underflow water of Nagara River, brew the ingredients in cedar barrels for a long period, which is a traditional brewing method.
Please enjoy the various soy sauce style from YAMAKAWA JOZO.

from upper right  Truffle soy sauce for Tamagokake gohan ¥1,200  /  Fluffy soy sauce for Tamagokake gohan ¥463  /  Sprinkle soy sauce with Hida Sansho(Japanese pepper)¥600  /  Sprinkle soy sauce ¥600  /  *Tamagokake gohan:Rice with raw egg


右上から 卵かけ トリュフの醤油(冬季限定版)1,200円  /  もこもこ泡醤油 たまごかけ醤油 463円  /  ふりかける醤油 飛騨山椒 600円 / ふりかける醤油 600円

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