Gujo Indigo Dye is a traditional Japanese "true indigo dye" method that has been passed down to nowadays since the Edo period for over 400 years. The true indigo dyeing techniques that Yasuhei Hishiya, the 14th shopkeeper and who was designated as an important cultural asset in 1977, guarded and maintained throughout his life, is inherited to the current 15th shopkeeper, Kazuyoshi Watanabe now.
Patterns are drawn on the plain cloth by applying natural sticky rice grew and colored using colorant dissolved into squeezed soybean juice. Then, the cloth is immersed in the natural indigo and rinse it off in clear river water several times until the final color and design appear.

From left
Tapestry "Kabuto" ¥34,000
Tapestry "A Carp swimming up a fall" ¥37,000


左から タペストリー「兜」 ¥34,000
タペストリー「鯉の滝登り」 ¥37,000

All prices are tax excluded. / 表記の金額は全て税別価格です。