Tenryou Sake Brewing was first established in 1680 in Gero Onsen(hot spring), one of Japan's most famous hot spring spots, and has since continued for 340 years. Natural aseptic soft groundwater from Hida mountains is used for brewing sake, which brings a smooth flavor.
Started food processing 50 years ago, they have received awards both inside and outside of Japan.

from right
Hida Plum wine (made with sake) ¥1,200
Daiginjo Tenrokuhairyo ¥6,000
Pure Rice Ginjo Hidahomare Tenryo Takekago ¥2,000
Amazake (Sweet fermented rice drink) ¥550
Irizake (Roasted sake) ¥750


飛騨の梅酒 日本酒仕込み 1,200円
純米大吟醸 天禄拝領 6,000円 / 純米吟醸 ひだほまれ 天領(竹籠) 2,000円
造り酒屋の甘酒のもと 550円 / 煎り酒 750円

All prices are tax excluded. / 表記の金額は全て税別価格です。