Mino is the city of Mino Japanese paper, the intangible cultural heritage, in Gifu prefecture. Shi-ing is an old Japanese paper manufacturer in this city with more than 150 years of history. They have produced new money envelopes with unique and fun materials loved by both kids and adults.
"kumo" is a paper charm stand made by Japanese paper and ceramic.

from right
kumo ¥3,500
en-sen Mini paper envelope (2 sheets) ¥270
en-sen Paper envelope (2 sheets) ¥370


kumo 3,500円
en-sen ぽち袋 ( 2枚入り) 270円
en-sen ぽち長 ( 2枚入り) 370円

All prices are tax excluded. / 表記の金額は全て税別価格です。