Sesame Life, which sells processed sesame products focusing on ingredients and tastes, operates three sesame specialty stores, “Goma no Kura” in Gifu Prefecture. They pursue the deliciousness of sesame such as the finest sesame oil or sesame paste that the craftsmen check the color and fragrance and carefully hand-packed.

from right: Premium sesame oil 250g ¥1,185
Premium black sesame oil 250g ¥1,815
Blac sesame caramel ¥694
Premium black paste ¥815


右から : 極上胡麻油 250g 1,185円
極上黒ゴマ油 250g 1,815円
黒ごまキャラメル 694円
プレミアムブラックペースト 815円

All prices are tax excluded. / 表記の金額は全て税別価格です。