As the developed countries, Japan has the third largest forest area ratio and a productive ecosystem after Finland and Sweden. Aiming for forest preservation and cyclicalsustainable manufacturing, Sei-Plus uses trees from forest thinning effectively to extract essential oils for aroma-related products. 

A new bath culture was born from the essential oils of the forest. "Mori no 7days bath" is a powder for bathing that combines "Yuhana extract" with seven types of forest scent.

Mori no 7days bath
Flowers and Plants bath Making by yourself ¥267 ~¥362(each)


森の精油から新たなお風呂文化が生まれました。「森の7days bath」は7種類の森の香りを中心に「湯の花エキス」を配合した入浴用パウダーです。

森の7days bath 各267円~362円

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