As the developed countries, Japan has the third largest forest area ratio and a productive ecosystem after Finland and Sweden. Aiming for forest preservation and cyclicalsustainable manufacturing, Sei-Plus uses trees from forest thinning effectively to extract essential oils for aroma-related products. 

"Mori Koro" is a wooden aroma diffuser from yuica series, which is made by skillful Japanese craftsmanship. You can enjoy the scent by simply dripping the natural aromatic liquid in the box.

Mori Koro Seigaiha Yasuragi (relax) ¥5,000  /  Mori Koro Asanoha Mezame (awakening) ¥5,000  /  Refresh spray Yasuragi (Relax) ¥2,400  /  Refresh spray Mezame (awakening) ¥2,000



森香炉 青海波 やすらぎの香り 5,000円  /  森香炉 青海波 めざめの香り 5,000円
リフレッシュスプレー やすらぎの香り 2,400円 / めざめの香り 2,000円

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