Japanese people have a unique culture of not only washing their bodies in the bath, but also slowly relaxing in the bathtub and refreshing their mood. Nippon OnyokuLab has been developing bath related business, such as the spa "Megumi no Yu", development of bathing equipment, and planning and sales of bath & spa products. Worked on herbal bath from 20 years ago, they now run their own herb farm.

Blended elegant and gent scent herbs. They reproduced the representative Japanese herb bath. Famous Ukiyoe painting on the packages.

Gold herb bath ¥700 / Japanese herb bath ¥500

日本人はお風呂で単に体を洗うだけでなく、ゆっくり湯船につかり、気分を一新するという独特の文化を持っています。温浴施設 「恵みの湯」 をの運営から、温浴設備の開発や入浴剤などの企画販売まで温浴に関する幅広い事業を展開しています。薬草やハーブを使った植物湯は 20 年前から取り組みし、現在は自社薬草 ・ ハーブの実験農場も運営しています。


金の薬草湯 700円 / 日本の薬草湯 500円

All prices are tax excluded. / 表記の金額は全て税別価格です。