From January 2020, products from Gifu prefecture will be introduced at THE COVER NIPPON in Tokyo Midtown and REAL Style AOYAMA in Aoyama as “GIFU PREMIUM” aimed at the modern lifestyle.
”GIFU PREMIUM” features traditional crafts made in Gifu, such as Mino washi paper, ceramics, Gifu lanterns, knives, and also food and sake born from the rich nature of Gifu.
Please come and find your favorite item.

2020年1月より9か月間、東京ミッドタウンTHE COVER NIPPONと青山の REAL Style AOYAMA にて「GIFU PREMIUM」と称して、岐阜県の伝統工芸品(美濃和紙・陶磁器・岐阜提灯・刃物など)を中心に、岐阜の豊かな産物を使った、食品や日本酒まで、現代のライフスタイルに向けて、岐阜の県産品をご紹介します。 是非あなただけのお気に入りの Made in Gifu を見つけてください。