KAIZAN POTTERY has been producing heart-warming porcelain tableware in Dachi town since the middle of the Edo period. Seihakuji (white porcelain with bluish transparent glaze) originated in China, which was recognized as the ideal beauties for the combination of its bright water-blue glaze and its sharp shape and carved relives.
Mr.Kaiji Tsukamoto, the former master spent the majority of his life studying and reproducing Seihakuji and was awarded the title of a living national treasure in 1983 for his success. Now, Mr. Mitsuru Tsukamoto, the present master and the son of Mr.Kaiji Tsukamoto keeps producing noble and high tone tablewares succeeding his great father's will.

Qing bai ware Kissho pattern 24cm Bowl ¥35,000


青白磁 花鳥兎文鉢 ¥35,000 

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