Shibukusa Pottery is a hand made and hand-painted pottery in Hida Takayama.
Once Gained reputation with fine works called Hida Kutani and Hida Akae, and they have been inherited that tradition and techniques to today for more than 170 years.

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Sometsuke plate ¥11,400
Sometsuke Chrysanthemum Cup & Saucer ¥63,000
Sometsuke Chrysanthemum plate(approx. 8.35inch) ¥38,000


染付ねじ皿 11,400円
染付内外菊カップ & ソーサー 63,000円
染赤菊花文七寸皿 38,000円

All prices are tax excluded. / 表記の金額は全て税別価格です。