" Kitchen Hida" was established in 1939 as a Hida beef steak specialty shop. A royal curry with a rich and mellow flavor that uses thick Hida beef and Awaji onions abundantly and adds sake lees as a hidden taste. Spicy and flavorful beef curry. The mild beef stew with the best balance of acidity and the rich demiglace sauce.

From left
Hida beef Royal Curry ¥2,000
Hida beef Curry ¥1,000
Hida beef stew ¥1,000


飛騨牛ロイヤルカレー ¥2,000
飛騨牛使用 ビーフカレー ¥1,000
飛騨牛使用 ビーフシチュー ¥1,000

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