Japan used to have a tradition of doing "Takoage" (kite flying) on New Year's wishing children's growth. Nowadays, due to the development of new games, you can see fewer Takoage scenes compared to the old days, but still, ” Takoage" festivals are held everywhere in Japan as Children's day event in May.
Each kite is handprinted using patterns one by one.

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New mini mini kite (set of 5) ¥3,300
Hobby kite "Mameyakko" ¥3,300
New "Ukiyoe" kite (set of 5) ¥3,500


新ミニミニ凧 5種1組 3,300円 / 趣味の凧 豆奴 3,300円 / 新浮世絵凧 5種1組 3,500円

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