Established in 1804, AKITAYA HONTEN is the first and oldest beekeeping wholesaler in Japan. The products they make and sell are only the ones that passed the strict selection by the professionals that taste hundreds of kinds of honey every year.
This honey series, they brought traditional honey to the next level by combining the most suitable honey and ingredients. Please enjoy and surprise how they match with certain dishes.

Honey ¥640(each)
From Left
Curry・For Curry / Butter・ For Toast / Maple・For Pancake / Apple・ For Granola / Lemon・ For Yogurt


専用はちみつ 各¥640
加哩・カレー.専用 / 雪白・トースト専用 / 楓・パンケーキ―専用 / 林檎・グラノーラ専用 / 珈琲・コーヒー専用 / 檸檬・ヨーグルト専用

All prices are tax excluded. / 表記の金額は全て税別価格です。