Since its establishment in 1925, AKADA BRUSH has been producing a variety of brushes by integrating traditional skill and their original mechanization method. ALTY series which is named after the word "ablution", a ceremonial act of washing parts of the body. It uses Urakiso Tono Cypress for handles which have antibacterial action, and the 50 microns-extra fine hair that gently washes the skin.

ALTY From top
Face brush ¥3,800 / Face & Decollete Brush ¥5,500 / Body bursh (mini handle)¥6,400 / Body brush (Long hundle) ¥7,800


ALТY 上から
洗顔ブラシ ¥3,800 / フェイス&デコルテ¥5,500 / 全身美容ブラシミニハンドル ¥6,400 / 全身美容ブラシロングハンドル ¥7,800

All prices are tax excluded. / 表記の金額は全て税別価格です。